Berkshire Creek Restoration


The Berkshire Creek Restoration was completed in March 2020. The site is at a canyon in the southwest corner of Hahamongna Watershed Park, South of Berkshire Place and East of Oak Grove Drive, that had been degraded due to flooding and erosion. This Project as part of the Urban Streams Restoration Program extends Berkshire drain downstream to repair damage to the creek, stabilize the creek, restore the habitat, and create sustainable long-term hydrologic conditions consistent with the hydrologic regime present in the Berkshire Creek watershed prior to land development. In addition, the Project includes replacing asphalt with permeable surface, a native meadow garden at the equestrian picnic area, interpretive signage, as well as restoration of riparian, oak woodland, and California sage scrub habitats.

Status: Construction Completed March 2020
Cost: $1,300,000
Funding: Urban Streams Restoration Program; Prop A
Agency Lead: City of Pasadena
Footprint: 5 acres (Creek section 0.29 acres)
Drainage Area: 55 acres
Volume Capture: N/A
Implemented Control Measures: Creek restoration and stabilization, increased permeable surface
Key Benefits: Water quality, urban greening