Edgewick Dam Stormwater Management


The Edgewick Dam Stormwater Management Project is located at the northerly terminus of Edgewick Road. This project will remove and replace the current concrete channel that leads to a shotcrete spillway into an open channel using porous and pervious methods. In addition, the existing shotcrete spillway will be repaired. Lastly, the project will install a rain garden/biofiltration area to capture spillway water and treat it prior to discharging further downstream in the open channel along the Chevy Chase Mountains.

Status: Completion by late 2020
Cost: $430,000
Funding: Safe Clean Water Program – Measure W
Agency Lead: City of Glendale
Drainage Area: 23 acres
Volume Capture: 34 cfs
Implemented Control Measures: Slope repair, rain garden
Key Benefits: Water quality, flood control