Fire Station 62


Design of the Fire Station 62 LID Project is currently being finalized. The design includes a modular wetland with upstream detention to improve water quality conditions. The fire station in the City of Monterey Park is being redeveloped with a new fire station building, onsite parking, a covered trash enclosure, and a reconstructed residence that will be used by the fire department. Infiltration is infeasible at this site, therefore biotreatment will be implemented through the wetland mod and upstream detention.

Status: Design; construction expected to begin soon with an expected end date of August 2021
Cost: $5,128,000
Funding: General Fund, DIF
Agency Lead: City of Monterey Park
Footprint: 0.02 acres (660 sf detention; 48 sf biotreatment)
Drainage Area: 0.33 acres
Volume Capture: 1,412 cubic feet
Implemented Control Measures: Biotreatment
Key Benefits: Water quality