Franklin D. Roosevelt Park Regional Stormwater Capture Project


Construction of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Park Project was substantially completed in June 2020. The Project will capture and treat stormwater and dry weather flows through the installation of two infiltration galleries, three dry wells, construction of pervious walkways, and vegetation using drought tolerant plants and native trees. The Project diverts, captures, and infiltrates this stormwater from a 203-acre tributary area into the Central Groundwater Basin. In addition to below-ground water quality improvements, the Project enhances the community’s green space by incorporating an education garden that includes drought tolerant and native vegetation that can adapt to climate change. The Project also incorporates recreational features such as a redesigned turf soccer field, new skate ramps, exercise stations, a picnic area, and playgrounds.

Status: Construction was substantially completed in June 2020
Cost: $11,979,871
Funding: Prop 84, Safe Clean Water – Measure W (Regional)
Agency Lead: County of Los Angeles
Footprint: 11 acres (480,000 sf)
Drainage Area: 203 acres
Volume Capture: 8.5 acre-feet
Implemented Control Measures: Infiltration galleries, dry wells, pervious walkways
Key Benefits: Water supply, water quality, enhanced recreational space, landscaping, groundwater recharge