Glendale Train Station First/Last Mile


The Glendale Train Station First/Last Mile Project is focused on improving the first and last mile of the active transportation facilities in the disadvantaged neighborhood around the Glendale Transportation Center. The Project includes a number of pavement improvements and repair of broken and damaged sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and street surfaces. It will also incorporate new signage, improved lighting, bike-lanes, new bus shelters, and additional planting of trees. The water quality piece focuses on the installation of bioretention at the intersection of El Bonito/Gardena and Mira Loma/Gardena.

Status: Construction in 2020, completed by February 2021
Cost: $182,500

Phase 1: Metro 2015 Grand Program and Measure M

Phase 2: 2017 Active Transportation Program and Transportation Development Act funds

Agency Lead: City of Glendale
Footprint: Intersection of Gardena Avenue/Mira Loam and Gardena Avenue/El Bonito
Drainage Area: 0.41 acres (Mira Loma); 0.4 acres (El-Bonito)
Volume Capture: 1.17 cfs (Mira Loma); 1.14 cfs (El-Bonita)
Implemented Control Measures: Bioretention at intersection of El Bonito/Gardena and Mira Loma/Gardena
Key Benefits: Water quality, water supply, urban greening