Rory M. Shaw Wetlands Park


The Rory M. Shaw Wetlands Project will convert a 46-acre inert, construction debris landfill to a wetlands park facility to provide enhanced water quality, flood protection, habitat creation, groundwater recharge, and recreation. A storm drain system will collect stormwater runoff from the upstream 929-acre drainage areas and convey to the project site with a detention capacity of 400 acre-feet. The park will feature a 21-acre detention pond to capture runoff and then enter a 10-acre wetland that will act as a natural water treatment system by removing pollutants. The wetlands also form a sustainable habitat for various plant and animal species. The treated stormwater will finally be infiltrated into the existing Sun Valley Park underground galleries. The Project will provide an additional 46 acres of open space recreation. The collaborative work with Sun Valley stakeholders, LACFCD, and City of Los Angeles is currently in the design phase, and construction is expected to be completed by August 2026.

Status: Design
Cost: $85,000,000
Funding: Prop O; LACFCD; Safe Clean Water – Measure W (Regional)
Agency Lead: County of Los Angeles
Footprint: 21 acres (Detention Pond); 10 acres (Wetland)
Drainage Area: 929 acres
Volume Capture: 400 acre-feet
Implemented Control Measures: Constructed wetlands, infiltration galleries
Key Benefits: Water quality, enhanced recreational areas, groundwater recharge, nature preservation, flood control