San Fernando Regional Park Infiltration Project


The objective of the San Fernando Regional Park Infiltration Project is to divert and capture urban runoff from 942 acres of land and address discharges from within the City into Pacoima Wash and the Los Angeles River. The runoff will be diverted for pre-treatment, conveyed to a subsurface storage system, and released into the ground for infiltration. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has partnered with the City of Fernando due to the project’s groundwater replenishment benefit, projected recharge at over 400 acre-feet annually, and executed an MOU between the two agencies. In addition to recharge and water quality benefits, the Project will have other benefits including public outreach through outreach events and with permanent signage, along with flood control benefits.

The Project identified in the EWMP included a single diversion from the storm drain system on First Street, resulting in a capture area of just over 450 acres. The Project has since been expanded to include a second diversion from the storm drain system on Glenoaks Boulevard, resulting in a total capture area greater than 940 acres, including flows from both the City of San Fernando and Los Angeles. The design was funded through a Proposition 1 Stormwater Planning Grant administered by the State Water Resources Control Board. LADWP also contributed funding and will continue to partner with the City of San Fernando during the construction phase of the project. The City of San Fernando plans to go out to bid for construction of the project during fiscal year 2020-21.

Status: Design Completed
Cost: $13,152,646
Funding: Prop 1; LADWP; Safe Clean Water – Measure W (Regional)
Agency Lead: City of San Fernando
Footprint: 1.35 acres
Drainage Area: 942 acres
Volume Capture: 24.87 acre-feet
Implemented Control Measures: Subsurface infiltration basin
Key Benefits: Groundwater recharge, flood control, enhancement of existing park facilities, trash capture, public outreach, and education