The Distributed Drywell System Project


The Distributed Drywell System Project encompasses a mostly residential drainage area in the City of Glendale at Highland Ave. The project involves the installation of seventeen (17) dry wells distributed throughout the City. Upon completion, the project will serve a tributary area of approximately 57 acres. The proposed project will achieve its water quality and supply benefits through runoff/pollutant capture, infiltration, use, and recharge. The subsurface nature of the dry well design allows for continued use of the sidewalk and public areas within the neighborhood, while including the planting of native trees and vegetation.

The EWMP initially identified infiltration at Fremont Park as a signature project, however; project constraints provided the project infeasible. The Distributed Drywell System Project serves the same purpose of stormwater infiltration and groundwater recharge as Fremont Park, and is located in the same area and serves the same Disadvantaged Community.

Status: Planning and Design
Cost: $1,893,000
Funding: Safe Clean Water – Measure W (Regional)
Agency Lead: City of Glendale
Footprint: ~0.2 miles along Highland Avenue; ~0.24 miles along Estelle Avenue; ~0.15 miles along Grange Street; ~0.14 miles along Dale Avenue; ~0.03 miles along San Fernando Rd
Drainage Area: 57 acres
Volume Capture: 15.6 acre-feet
Implemented Control Measures: Dry wells, bioswales, urban greening
Key Benefits: Water quality, water supply, flood control, urban greening