Valley Village Park Stormwater Capture Project


The Valley Village Park Stormwater Capture Project’s 455-acre tributary area consists of several catch basins that drain to storm pipe BI 0463. The storm pipe runs directly underneath Valley Village Park, which makes the park an ideal site for a stormwater capture project. A diversion unit will direct flows from the storm pipe to a pipe that leads the HDS unit, which will be placed upstream of the infiltration gallery to help separate and trap trash, debris, sediment, oils, grease, and fine particulates from stormwater runoff. Installation of catch basin screens to prevent trash and debris from entering the storm pipe will be considered with input from Project partners. The underground infiltration gallery will cover an area of approximately 28,000 square feet (0.65 acres) of Valley Village Park and be approximately 12 feet high with 11 feet available of storage. A 6-inch layer of gravel with an estimated porosity of 40% will be included beneath the infiltration gallery to facilitate infiltration and provide additional storage, resulting in a total storage volume of 268,300 cubic feet or 6.2 acre-ft.

In addition to flow measuring devices and maintenance holes for monitoring, operations, and maintenance purposes, educational signage will be installed near the infiltration site to engage the community and promote sustainability awareness. Above the infiltration gallery, the park will be graded and re-vegetated with grass and other park improvements to expand and minimum recreational use. Park improvements that will benefit park users and residents in this DAC will be determined with input from RAP. Environmental studies started in September 2019 and pre-design started in December 2019. Design began in October 2020. The first community outreach meeting was held in August 2020.

Status: Design
Cost: $10,109,296
Funding: LADWP; Safe Clean Water Program RD1– Measure W (Regional)
Agency Lead: City of Los Angeles
Footprint: 0.65 acres
Drainage Area: 455 acres
Volume Capture: 98.5 acre-feet/yr
Implemented Control Measures: Underground infiltration gallery to infiltrate stormwater
Key Benefits: Increase local water supply, improve downstream water quality in receiving water bodies, increase capacity in flood control infrastructure, expand park infrastructure, job creation, environmental education