Vincent Lugo Park Stormwater Capture


A feasibility study for the Vincent Lugo Park Stormwater Capture Project will be conducted through the SCW Program. The proposed project consists of a diversion of stormwater runoff in the Alhambra Wash Channel to potential configurations of bioswales, mechanical treatment systems, storage cisterns, and subsurface infiltration galleries in Vincent Lugo Park at Prospect Avenue and Wells Street. Flows would be diverted by an inflatable rubber dam (or other diversion device) in Alhambra Wash immediately downstream of the outfall of BI 0573 Line H.

The project is presently envisioned to divert flow and convey it by a pump station to treatment. A mechanical treatment system could be located under the park’s parking lot. A bioswale could be created on what is presently an ornamental dry streambed. Treated stormwater could be conveyed by gravity to an adjacent subsurface cistern for storage and irrigation reuse in the park and/or infiltration galleries for groundwater recharge beneath the lawn. The feasibility study could also explore the potential development of green streets in the upstream neighborhood to the north of the park. Concept alternatives can be explored to consider construction of bioretention planters in the parkways of local streets and at intersections with proposed curb extensions, pervious pavers in parking lanes of roadway cross section, dry well sumps in catch basins, infiltration trenches, and proprietary devices for treatment and infiltration.

Status: Feasibility Study in 2020/2021
Cost: $300,000 for the feasibility study; Total Cost TBD
Funding: Safe Clean Water Program – Measure W (Regional)
Agency Lead: City of San Gabriel
Footprint: TBD
Drainage Area: 140 acres
Volume Capture: TBD
Implemented Control Measures: Subsurface infiltration gallery, bioswale
Key Benefits: Water quality, water supply, nature-based solutions