Walnut Park Pocket Park Project


The Walnut Park Pocket Project involves the construction of a brand new park within a currently undeveloped parcel in a disadvantaged community. Beneath the park, a series of infiltration drywells will be installed to capture both dry and wet weather runoff for a 31-acre drainage area, in what should amount to approximately 14 acre-feet per year of annual water capture. Beyond the stormwater capture components, the project will also feature a number of recreational amenities, including open play areas, social gather spaces, and new landscaping, all of which were selected from an extensive community outreach process. The project concept was completed in mid-2020 and is currently entering design. Construction is anticipated to begin in mid to late 2021.

Status: Design
Cost: $2,200,000 (Stormwater); $10 Million Total
Funding: Prop 68; Safe Clean Water – Measure W (Regional)
Agency Lead: County of Los Angeles
Footprint: 0.5 acres
Drainage Area: 31 acres
Volume Capture: 1.4 acre-feet
Implemented Control Measures: Pretreatment system, infiltration drywells
Key Benefits: Water supply, recreation